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Human rights court to hear case of Belgian euthanasia for depression

Brussels, Belgium, Jan 9, 2019 / 05:34 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- The European Court of Human Rights has announced that it will take up a case considering whether Belgium wrongly allowed a woman to be euthanized on the grounds of "untreatable depression."

Order may censure for disobedience nun who protested rape-accused bishop

Kochi, India, Jan 9, 2019 / 04:37 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- The superior general of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation issued last week a letter of warning to Sister Lucy Kalapura, who has been accused of several acts of disobedience, including a protest of the handling of a nun's accusation that a bishop serially raped her.

Collection for the Church in Latin America to be held January 26-27

WASHINGTON—The annual Collection for the Church in Latin America will be taken up the weekend of January 26-27, 2019. For more than 50 years, the collection has been a sign of solidarity between Catholics of the United States and those in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“The Collection for the Church in Latin America is a chance for Catholics in the Americas to share their faith and grow closer to Christ,” said Bishop Octavio Cisneros, auxiliary bishop of Brooklyn and newly-appointed chairman of the Subcommittee on the Church in Latin America. “I thank the faithful of the United States for their compassion and generosity to their sisters and brothers in Latin America and the Caribbean. I have seen first-hand the people in many countries who benefit from this generosity.”

The collection supports the work of the Subcommittee on the Church in Latin America by funding grants for pastoral efforts such as lay leadership training, seminarian and religious formation, prison ministry, and youth ministry, among others. In 2018, the collection awarded nearly $7.5 million in grants to support the Church in Latin America and Caribbean, including areas ravaged by recent natural disasters.

More information about the Collection for the Church in Latin America and the grants it funds, as well as resources to promote it across the country, can be found at
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As Belgium bans kosher and halal food prep, religious freedom fears grow

Brussels, Belgium, Jan 8, 2019 / 05:19 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Jews and Muslims in Belgium could face difficulty finding food prepared according to their religious rules, as new animal slaughter regulations banning kosher or halal slaughter began to take effect Jan. 1.

Trial begins for French cardinal accused of abuse cover-up  

Lyon, France, Jan 7, 2019 / 12:57 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyon, begins trial Monday on charges of failing to report allegations that a priest in his diocese abused minor boy scouts from 1986-1991.

'Give them freedom' – PNG bishops denounce six-year refugee detention

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Jan 5, 2019 / 06:28 am (EWTN News/CNA).- The bishops of Papua New Guinea have issued a renewed plea on behalf of the nearly 500 refugees and asylum seekers being held in indefinite detention in deteriorating conditions.

Hong Kong bishop dies at age 73

Hong Kong, China, Jan 4, 2019 / 04:33 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung of Hong Kong died in hospital Thursday at the age of 73, after suffering liver failure due to cirrhosis.

Congo's bishops call for release of election results

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jan 4, 2019 / 03:00 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- The Church sent thousands of election monitors to assist at polling stations across the central African country during the vote, which was the subject of numerous delays, with many reporting irregularities.

La Semana Nacional de Migración se celebrará del 6 al 12 de Enero de 2019

WASHINGTON— La Semana Nacional de Migración 2019 se realizará del 6 al 12 de enero. Durante casi medio siglo, la Iglesia Católica en los Estados Unidos ha celebrado la Semana Nacional de Migración, que brinda una oportunidad para que la Iglesia resalte la presencia y la situación de inmigrantes, refugiados, víctimas y sobrevivientes de la trata de personas. La semana sirve como un momento para la oración y la acción en apoyo de los inmigrantes y refugiados.

El tema de la celebración de este año, “Crear Comunidades de Bienvenida”, enfatiza nuestra responsabilidad y oportunidad como católicos para involucrar y dar la bienvenida a los recién llegados a su llegada y ayudar a facilitar su transición a una nueva vida aquí en los Estados Unidos. Las comunidades acogedoras no emergen por casualidad, sino que se establecen mediante el trabajo arduo y la convicción de las personas en el terreno a través del servicio directo, la experiencia y la fe compartidas, la promoción y el fortalecimiento institucional.

“En este momento, es particularmente importante para la Iglesia destacar el espíritu de bienvenida que todos estamos llamados a encarnar en respuesta a las poblaciones de inmigrantes y refugiados que se encuentran entre nosotros compartiendo nuestra Iglesia y nuestras comunidades”, dijo el Obispo Joe Vásquez, de Austin, Presidente del Comité de Migración de la Conferencia de Obispos Católicos de los Estados Unidos (USCCB).

Materiales educativos y otros recursos para la Semana Nacional de Migración están disponibles para descargar en ---
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National Migration Week to be Celebrated January 6 – 12, 2019

WASHINGTON—National Migration Week 2019 will take place January 6 - 12. For nearly a half century, the Catholic Church in the United States has celebrated National Migration Week, which provides an opportunity for the Church to highlight the presence and situation of immigrants, refugees, victims, and survivors of human trafficking. The week serves as a time for both prayer and action in support of immigrants and refugees.

The theme for this year’s celebration – “Building Communities of Welcome” – emphasizes our responsibility and opportunity as Catholics to engage and welcome newcomers on their arrival and help to ease their transition into a new life here in the United States. Welcoming communities do not emerge by chance but are established through the hard work and conviction of people on the ground through direct service, shared experience and faith, advocacy, and institution building

“In this moment, it is particularly important for the Church to highlight the spirit of welcome that we are all called to embody in response to immigrant and refugee populations who are in our midst sharing our Church and our communities,” said Bishop Joe Vásquez of Austin, Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' (USCCB) Committee on Migration.

Educational materials and other resources for National Migration Week are available for download at

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