Outreach Ministries

Angel Care Ministry

  • Contact: Noreen Mancini, 585-533-4119 or 585-490-3185
  • Angel Care is a ministry dedicated to providing items for mothers of newborn babies with items such as diapers, blankets, and the like.
  • Members serve in a variety of tasks, including cleaning and sorting used clothing and baby items, taking phone referrals and preparing requests.
  • Angel Care provides much needed Pack-n-Plays purchased from donations from our own parishioners as well as other churches and organizations concerned with women who have chosen life for their baby.

 Communion Services at Woodcrest Nursing Home

  • Contact: Madeline Merkl, 585-249-0644
  • As with all Nursing Homes, there are a quite a few Catholics residing at Woodcrest Nursing Home who do not have an opportunity to share in the Eucharist on a regular basis.
  • This Communion service group makes that happen twice a month by bringing the Body of Christ to all Catholics who wish this.
  • There remains a great need for additional members, especially during the winter months, when some volunteers are not available.

Communion Services at Brentland Woods

  • Contact: John Steiner, 585-533-6431
  • Members conduct a prayer service at Brentland Woods shortly after the 9:45 Mass on Sundays.
  • After the Gospel reading, the Eucharist is provided to the many faithful Catholics residing there.
  • Parishioners are encouraged to share their faith with the seniors residing there by becoming new members.

 Clothing Drop Off:

  • You may drop off useable clothing, shoes, sneakers, belts, purses, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, drapes, and stuffed toys at the drop-off shed at the north end of the Guardian Angels parking lot.
  • They will be picked up by St. Pauly Textile Inc. and distributed to people who can use them here in the US and all over the world.
  • Please no rags, fabric scraps, toys, or household goods.

Food Cupboard Ministry

  • Contact: Catherine Frangenberg, 585-334-1730, [email protected]
  • As part of our Parish Mission to serve our community, volunteers collect the non-perishable food items donated by parishioners at each of our churches and delivered to St. Peter’s Soup Kitchen and The Rush Henrietta Area Food Terminal (RHAFT).

 Homebound Visitation Ministry

  • Contact: Kathy Pitts, 585-334-0458
  • Our parish visitors maintain the connection between our faith community and the homebound.
  • New members are always welcome to visit, bring the Eucharist, and pray with those who cannot attend Mass.
  • Training is provided.

 Hospital Visitation

  • Contact: Mary Lou Scherner, 585-359-1417
  • St. Marianne Cope parish offers visits to parishioners when they are hospitalized.
  • Visitors visit, pray, offer the Eucharist (when feasible) and offer pastoral care to both patients and their families.
  • Training is provided.

 Parish Sharing

  • Contact: Parish Office, 585-334-3518
  • Provides assistance in times of crisis primarily, but not limited to, individuals within the St. Marianne Cope parish who are in immediate need.
  • Contact the Parish Office for assistance.
  • A committee determines the level of assistance that can be made available.

 Prayer Shawl Ministry

  • Contact: Barb Dera, 585-359-0795
  • Members knit and crochet shawls as gifts for those in need of comfort due to illness, loneliness, death of a loved one, and in celebration of a birth or baptism.
  • This ministry also supports the Angel Care Ministry with handmade layette blankets for mothers choosing life for their babies.
  • Volunteers who can share this talent or provide yarn are always welcome.
  • One group meets on the 1st Thursday of the month at 1:30pm and rotates between members houses.
  • Another group meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm at Panera Bread on Hylan Dr.

 St. Peter’s Kitchen Ministry

  • Contact: Phil Mancini, 585-359-2751
  • St. Marianne Cope parishioners pick up donated food from local stores, cook any Tuesday at the Kitchen, or prepare food and cleanup at the food line the third and fourth Tuesday of the month.

PROJECT RACHEL: "There is a time for healing" (Ecclesiastes 3:3). Project Rachel is a sensitive, confidential, post-abortion reconciliation program offering a renewed sense of hope and forgiveness. Project Rachel can help you feel the mercy and peace of Christ. If you or a friend or a relative are hurting from an abortion, call 1-888-972-2435 or click the link to visit the Web site.