Scripture Study Aids

BIBLE ON LINE: Did you forget your bible at home? No problem. Access your favorite passages on line at any time from any place at the Web site of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

BIBLE GATEWAY: Enjoy exploring this site for passage lookup, keyword search, topical index, Bible blog, Bible versions—DRB, KJV, NIV, TNIV, NLT, ESV, ASV, GNB, NASB, The Message, Wycliffe, and others. There are also versions in modern languages (Zondervan). 

BIBLOS BIBLE STUDY TOOLS: Lose yourself in this labyrinth of resources: Massive Bible atlas with copious comments, comprehensive Bible Dictionary, passage lookup, multiversion concordance, parallel translations (NIV, NLT, ESV, NAS, GWT, KJV, DRB, WLC, WLV, WLO, WLT, BHS, BHO, BHT, ALE, PAL, SEP, SPU, SPT, VUL, AKJ, ASV, BBE, DBY, ERV, KJP, OJB), Greek or Hebrew interlinear text, monolingual texts in fifty modern languages and creoles, daily devotions, Bible commentaries by numerous authors, online library of thousands of manuscripts. (Christian Bookshelf)

CENTER FOR LITURGY SUNDAY WEB SITE: Reflect on the readings for the coming Sunday liturgy and learn about the historical context from which they came. 

CATHOLIC BIBLE TRANSLATIONS: (1) Douay-Rheims, (2) New American Bible, Revised Edition

DAILY REFLECTIONS on the Scriptural readings are offered by faculty and staff of the Creighton Jesuit University of Omaha, Nebraska.

DAILY SCRIPTURE: To prepare yourself to hear the word of God at the Liturgy of the Holy Mass, avail yourself of the daily scriptural readings at the Web site of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

EMMAUS SERIES offers reflections on the Sunday readings. Focusing on one main idea each Sunday, their goal is to give direction to your week's journey of faith and to help preachers in preparation for their Sunday homilies.

HEAR THE WORD OF GOD recited on line at this site of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Simply click on the desired date.

MEDITATIONS ON SCRIPTURE: Meditate on the daily church readings for each season through the guidance and insight of Don Schwager. "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10).

NEW ADVENT:  Read and study the Old and New Testaments in parallel Greek, English, and Latin. Also read relevant articles about the history and development of the Bible.

ONLINE GREEK SEPTUAGINT, GREEK NEW TESTAMENT, AND HEBREW BIBLE: Study the entire Bible in its original languages with an attractive, easy-to-use on-line interface. Choose parallel, interlinear, or plain clickable text. Includes lexicon and concordance. (Κατα Βíβλον)

ONLINE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT: Study the complete text of the New Testament in the original Koiné Greek. Click on any word in the text to see its definition. Site includes word-lookup and passage-lookup. (

PRECEPT AUSTIN: Study the Old and New Testament inductively, read Bible commentaries,  view scads of Bible art and Bible maps, check out prophecies and timelines, study the meaning of Greek words, and much more. (Precept Ministries International)