Faith Formation (pre-K) K-6th graders and their families

Family- Centered Faith Formation (grades K-6): Families with children, grades K-6, participate in family catechesis with Mass and the Eucharist at the center. While the curriculum will be geared toward K-6, since families will be sharing faith together, this program is appropriate for pre-K families as well.

  • What does a month of the family centered faith formation look like?
    • One week, families participate in a short (30-45 minutes) lesson at home to introduce the topic of the month. Lessons are nongraded so even if a family has children in different grades, there will only be one lesson that is done together. This lesson should be completed before attending the “Family Faith” program.
    • One week, families attend a “Family Faith” program, one hour before the 10:30 Mass to practice, experience and share faith around the topic. The program is followed by families attending Mass where children will be dismissed for children’s liturgy.
    • One week, families do a short (30-45 minutes) project or activity at home to enforce the monthly topic.
    • One week, families attend a Meet for Mass where Fr. Mike will give a children’s homily. These will be mostly scheduled for the 10:30 Mass but we are working on the possibility of having one or two at the 4:30 Mass each year)

The diocesan curriculum will be covered by rotating topics in family-centered faith formation from year to year.

Our family-centered faith formation program will begin late in September and end the end of April.

RHYM jr (grades 5 and 6)

In addition to participating in family- centered faith formation, 5th and 6th graders will form a new youth group. This youth group will meet one Tuesday per month from 7-8:30. RHYM jr. will be a youth ministry style gathering that will include games, small team faith sharing and social time. During these gatherings, young people will build community and explore ways to help parents with the topic of the month at home. RHYM jr. will also offer social outings, service projects, the opportunity to sing with the RHYM music group, and the chance to lead our parish in prayer and during social events.

Supply Fee: $55 per family for the first child. Add $25 for each addtional child.

Sacrament Supply Fee: $30

Please use this link for payments:

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