Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care                                                      Staff Liaison: Cris Wensel; [email protected]; 585-334-3518

Visitation Ministry

  • Homebound Visitation

Contact: Cris Wensel

Our parish visitors maintain the connection between our faith community and the homebound. New members are always welcome to visit, bring the Eucharist, and pray with those who cannot attend Mass. Training is provided.

  • Hospital Visitation

Contact: Cris Wensel

St. Marianne Cope parish offers visits to parishioners when they are hospitalized. Visitors visit, pray, offer the Eucharist (when feasible) and offer pastoral care to both patients and their families. Training is provided.

  • Communion Service @ Woodcrest

Contact: Carol Ann Stahl  [email protected]  585-533-9241

As with all Nursing Homes, there are a quite a few Catholics residing at Woodcrest Nursing Home who do not have an opportunity to share in the Eucharist on a regular basis. This Communion service group makes that happen twice a month by bringing the Body of Christ to all Catholics who wish this. There remains a great need for additional members, especially during the winter months, when some volunteers are not available.

  • Communion Service @ Brentland Woods

Contact: Paul Coles  [email protected]  585-301-8046

Members conduct a prayer service at Brentland Woods on Sundays. After the Gospel reading, the Eucharist is provided to the many faithful Catholics residing there. Parishioners are encouraged to share their faith with the seniors residing there by becoming new members.

  • Bereavement Ministry

Grief Share

Contact: Deacon Mike Zuber  [email protected]  585-334-3518

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Martha & Mary Ministry

Contact: need leadership volunteer

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