Administrative Ministries

Buildings and Ground Committees

  • Contact: Erik Anderson, 585-486-4060
  • This Committee inspects and reviews all Parish assets, including buildings, grounds, and gardens.
  • They make recommendations to the Pastoral Administrator, Pastoral Council, and Finance Council concerning the maintenance needs and estimated costs.

 Bulk Mailing Committee: 

  • Contact: Parish Office, 585-334-3518
  • A program to assist the St. Marianne staff with bulk mailings by stuffing, sealing, stamping, and sorting envelopes for postal mailings, generally 3-5 times per year on as-needed basis. 

Collection Counters: 

  • Contact: Dawn Herold, 585-334-3518. [email protected]
  • Volunteers work in teams on a rotating basis to count and reconcile the weekly collection.

Communications Committee: 

  • Contact: Kathy Steiner, 585-334-3518, [email protected]
  • Provides several avenues for communicating to St. Marianne Cope parishioners.
  • Includes preparing the weekly church bulletins, weekly website updates and periodic newsletters.

Evangelization Ministry: 

  • Contact: Jeanne Leonardi, 585-533-9386
  • The emphasis of the Evangelization Ministry (ETeam) on creating a welcoming environment, and by gentle invitation, encourage everyone to strengthen their faith and share it with others.

 Finance Council: 

  • Contact:Catherine Frangenberg, 585-334-1730, [email protected]
  • The Finance Council meets quarterly to review the Parish Budget and current spending issues.
  • Recommendations are made to the Pastoral Administrator concerning current fiscal issues.
  • Interested parishioners should have a background in accounting and budget operations.

 Garden Club: 

  • Contact: Erik and Leslie Anderson, 585-486-4060
  • Parishioners interested in helping to keeping our parish gardens looking great are encouraged to join the Garden Club.

 Office Volunteers: 

  • Contact: Kathy Steiner, 585-334-3158, [email protected]
  • Office volunteers are essential in day to day operations of the parish business.
  • They answer the phone, assist callers (both over the phone and in person), greet visitors to the office, and assist with Mass cards and general office tasks and projects.
  • Several volunteers provide additional aid by doing data entry and preparing mailings, etc.

Pastoral Council

  • Contact: Sr. Sheila Stevenson, 585-334-3518, [email protected]
  • The Pastoral Council is a prayerful and discerning body that serves as advisors to the Pastoral Administrator to help guide the direction and policies of St. Marianne Cope Parish.
  • Representatives from all ministries within our parish are invited to meet with the Pastoral Council to discuss their activities.

Stewardship Committee

  • Contact: Don Neill, 585-334-8859, [email protected]
  • The Stewardship Committee helps encourage parishioners to be good Stewards of the Lord by giving of our Time, unique Talents, and Treasure given us by God.
  • The Stewardship Committee provides bulletin articles to raise awareness of new opportunities to volunteer and suggested weekly contributions according to household income.
  • They also update our Directory of Ministries to assist our parishioners in finding ways to volunteer.