Faith Enrichment & Formation


If you have questions about the Catholic Church or are seeking to grow in your understanding of how God is working in and through your life, please contact Amanda Rayburn at 334-3518 or at [email protected]  Also contact Amanda for more information if you have any interest or questions about the ministries below.


Children's Faith Formation

We provide an array of opportunities to support Parents, God Parents, Guardians, relatives and friends in your efforts to foster a strong foundation in the Catholic Faith within your own family and our church family. Along with opportunities to learn Catholic prayers, doctrine and traditions in an atmosphere of joy and gratitude our program strives to promote an attitude of service to each other and to the community.

Whether your family chooses to get involved with our traditional weekly religious education classes, our family based model or through one of our Diocesan Catholic Schools, you will find many opportunities and invitations to gather for service projects that better our community. See the registration form for weekly religious Ed. meeting times and to register for a program that suits your family's needs!


Liturgy of the Word with Children

The Liturgy of the Word with Children occurs during the Liturgy of the Word portion of some Sunday Masses. Children ages 4 - 8, who wish to participate, are invited to come forward for a blessing and are lead to a separate area from the congregation to hear and discuss the readings at a level appropriate to their age. Children rejoin the rest of the assembly in time for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

The Liturgy of the Word with Children is offered on Most Sundays during the following Mass times September through May:

  • 11:30 am at Guardian Angels

Parent/Grandparents and friends are encouraged and invited to volunteer as a leader/aide on a rotating basis. Please contact Amanda for more information and training for this opportunity.


RHYM stands for Rush Henrietta Youth Ministry.  It is the comprehensive youth ministry program for the parish of St. Marianne Cope. Comprehensive youth ministry refers to a framework around which opportunities can occur for young people to know, live and share their faith. Comprehensive youth ministry means that there is not just a “youth group” but groups of youth who participate in the life of the faith community in a way or ways that honor their individual and communal needs. The goal of the mission of youth ministry at St. Marianne Cope (RHYM) is to help young people to know, live, and share their faith in ways that are relevant and to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.

Bible Study

Join us as we open up the books of the bible for more in depth look into scripture and the life of Jesus.

Rick Halsted usually facilitates 2 classes, typically Wednesday Evenings and/or Thursday Mornings, several times throughout the year.  

Check out the current bible study page here!