Pastoral Council


The Pastoral Council is a prayerful and discerning body of parishioners who have a vested interest in the life and development of the Parish.  Members serve as advisors to the Pastoral Administrator to help guide the direction and policies of the Parish while furthering the mission of the Church.

The specific purposes of the Pastoral Council include: 

  • developing a common vision and purpose, actively advocating for the poor and powerless, and extending Christian commitment to the surrounding neighborhoods and communities,
  • orchestrating a statement of mission for the parish community and becoming a reference point for activity in the parish,
  • providing recommendations for parish priorities, directions and policies through pastoral planning, worship, evangelization, outreach, stewardship, etc,
  • promoting communication, understanding, and collaboration among parish organizations, the diocese, Bishop and universal Church.

The Council meets  five times a year on the second Monday of September, November, January, March and June as well as when a need arises. 

Pastoral Council Members:


2023-2024 Meeting Minutes: