Renovation Updates

Welcome to the Renovation Update page.

Check this page often for updates to the renovation project, pictures of construction, videos of presentations and detailed plans.

September 15, 2022: Much progress has been made over the last month!  The ceiling in the nave was painted white-what a differance it makes!!  The sanctuary stage is almost finished and ready to be tiled as is the rest of the nave.   Next up-PAINTING!






August 9, 2022: Alot has happened since the last update.  We will try to keep this updated at least weekly since everything is moving along swiftly!!  The asbestos has been removed.  The side walls (old confessionals) are removed.  The back wall is wallboarded and ready to be painted.  And the new confessional is studded out!  Things just keep rolling along!!







July 5, 2022:  And so it begins...again!  Please note ALL MASSES ARE NOW HELD AT ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH during the renovation process.

July 3, 2022: Today we empty the sanctuary at Guardian Angels Church in preparation for renovation.





March 17, 2022: Click on the following link to read the full document of questions and answers that appeared in the March 27th Bulletin.  And for the insert in the same bulletin, Things Matter.

February 25, 2022: Can you believe we are already talking about Phase II Renovations-The Sanctuary?  Below are the times that you are able to see the design,  view the proposed timeline, and learn more about the next Phase in the renovation Process.  

  • 5:45pm - Saturday, February 26th (following the 4:30pm Mass at Guardian Angels)
  • 11:45am - Sunday, February 27th (following the 10:30am Mass at Guardian Angels)
  • 1:15pm - Wednesday, March 2nd (following the 12:10pm Ash Wednesday Mass at Guardian Angels)
  • 7:00pm - Thursday, March 3rd via Zoom.  Call the office to register for this presentation or email Sr. Sheila at so she can send you the zoom link.  The Powerpoint presentation will be uploaded to the website after the final presentation.

December 17, 2021: Here it is one week until Christmas, where we will rejoice in the birth of Lord and Savior; we also rejoice in our new office space!  It is wonderful to all be working together in one building.  We are still missing a few pieces of furniture, the construction workers have some minor details that need to be finished and there are many, many boxes of files to sort through and file.  

October 19, 2021: Alot of work has been going on as we finalize our first renovation project at the Guardian Angels Worship site. Although many of the final touches still need to happen, we are ready to begin holding Masses in the Church at Guardian Angels beginning the weekend of October 23/24.  Join us on Thursday at Guardian Angels between 3pm-7pm to see the new office space, canapy, handicap parking, and narthex.  

August 23, 2021: Check out the Renovation Photo Album- a ton of new pictures have just been uploaded.  You can see the tile floor in the Nathex is laid, new sinks in the bathrooms, walls have been painted and the canopy is almost complete.  You will notice cameras have been placed around the outside of the building and there will be many more lights outside.  

August 15, 2021: Renovations are moving along.  The Narthex ceramic floor has been laid and the walls painted.  The offices are carpeted and painted.  The bathrooms are in process of being updated.  The canopy is almost finished.  We are currently working on the walkways and the handicap parking area.   

June 13, 2021: As Sister Sheila has previously mentioned, our Liturgical Space Committee has been working with a Liturgical Consultant as we look forward to renovating our worship space.  There are guidelines governing the building or renovating a church, and they are outlined in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ 2000 document “Built of Living Stones,” in which there are excerpts from Canon Law, Catechism of the Catholic Church, and other Church documents.  The Document states the following Liturgical Principles for Building or Renovating Churches:

  1. The church building is designed in harmony with church laws and serves the needs of the liturgy.
  2. The church building fosters participation in the liturgy.
  3. The design of the church building reflects the various roles of the participants.

May 30, 2021: You may have noticed that there is new signage at the buildings.  This is temporary.  New permanent signs will be created in the last phase of the renovation process.  It is important to know that according to Canon Law, the given name of a Church Building cannot be changed/altered until that Church is deconsecrated.  Churches can become clusters and then parishes with a new name, but as long as the church building is consecrated, it must retain its name.  That is what happened with Good Shepherd Church.  Once the school district purchased the property the church building was deconsecrated.  Therefore, St. Joseph's Church and Guardian Angels Church will remain on all signage for St. Marianne Cope Parish as they are still consecrated and therefore holy places of worship.

May 2, 2021: If you’ve viewed our Renovation Album on our website or seen the photo boards at the back of church, you know that a great deal of demolition has been done outside the building of our Henrietta location in preparation for our new handicap parking area and our canopy-covered walkway.  We are excited about both of these projects, which will enable those with physical limitations better parking options and a more comfortable walk into the building from the parking lot for all who enter our House of Prayer.

At the same time, work is progressing well inside the building on our Narthex and new offices.  There are areas where asbestos was used as a sealant around the windows in what will be the new office space, so further abatement will be done when the new windows are installed.

And looking ahead… the Liturgical Space Committee continues to work with Liturgical Consultant Louis DiCocco of St. Jude’s Liturgical Arts, Inc., to design our Sanctuary space according to liturgical guidelines.  There will soon be a model for parishioners to view and discuss with the Committee.

Phase 1 of the renovations is set to begin soon.  The plans are complete and have gone to bid.  We should be making a decision in March as to who wins the bid.  Then construction will begin in April, after Easter!

The PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

This is a detailed drawing of the new office space.

Please visit our Renovation Album for more pictures.  

Stay tuned, more to come!