Renovation Updates

Welcome to the Renovation Update page.

Check this page often for updates to the renovation project, pictures of construction, videos of presentations and detailed plans.

Phase 1 of the renovations is set to begin soon.  The plans are complete and have gone to bid.  We should be making a decision in March as to who wins the bid.  Then construction will begin in April, after Easter!

The powerpoint presentation can be found here.

This is a detailed drawing of the new office space.


The excitement is building!

Our asbestos abatement is complete, and the air quality has passed inspection!  All the carpets and ceiling tiles have been removed, and construction has begun!

The funding for these first stages of our renovation plan (parking lot, canopy, new office area, and Narthex) comes from our stable patrimony.  Stable patrimony by definition means all buildings and properties owned by the parish, as well as fixed financial assets (i.e. monies set aside for special projects or needs and for unforeseen needs in the future).  The Diocese requires us to have such a fund (just as a family would have one) to meet the parish’s future needs.  Our patrimony properties and monies, even though owned by the parish, cannot be used, or disposed of without the consent of the Bishop, according to Canon (Church) Law.

At this time, our financial stable patrimony includes money that each of the three former individual parishes had in their stable patrimony prior to the merger, plus money added since the merger from bequests and the sale of the Good Shepherd campus.  Our current renovations are being financed by the money from our financial stable patrimony.  Future renovations will need to be funded through a capital campaign as we will not be able to deplete our stable patrimony.

Please visit our Renovation Album for more pictures.  

Stay tuned, more to come!